"Absolutely wonderful for small children. Gave one to my four year old grandson, Tony, along with a tape recorder and every time he heard his name on the tape he was giggling and so happy. He played it over and over again! I’ve just ordered four more for the rest of the grandkids."
C. Eichorn, Hill City MN

"For children of all ages! Adds that special, personalized touch to the birthday. Great product! Brings smiles to all. (P.S. My gifts were for an 86 year old, a 55 year old, 60 year old, and a 70 year old!)"
M. Loughery, Falls Curch, VA

"My daughter was most thrilled with the cassette. It was a scream!"
K. Hain, Honolulu, HI

"Wonderful! Fantastic! The hit of the party! FABULOUS!"
S.C. Smith, Austin, TX

"'My Birthday CD' is a wonderfully unique gift for children. It makes them feel special long after the birthday is over."
J. Willis, Greenville, SC

"Tahlia Rose’s eyes just sparkled with enchantment. What a delightful and personal "must have" for a child. A terrific boost for a little one’s self-esteem and imagination."
L. Bakley, Blackwood, NJ

"The 'Songs About Me' CD arrived at a time when my grandson Dustin really needed to know how special he is - he was going through a very difficult time. When he played the CD, his eyes lit up and the look on his face I will never forget. He plays the CD every day. He goes to bed with it and starts the day with it. It really helps his self-esteem. I would recommend this product to any young person because it’s so positive and does so much to help children. They can’t help but to be inspired."
S. Jakeway, Lansing, MI

"The thought, production and quality presented in your product surprised, impressed and pleased me to the extent of writing to tell you my feelings of complete satisfaction and pride I feel about the special gift that I’ll get credited for. The credits belong to your professional and impressive product at a "price" everyone should appreciate. I’m amazed! Thank you very much for the wonderful feelings, positive thought, and loving care your product emits, recaptures and inspires."
L. Lockard, Sacramento, CA

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